28. November 2023

• The Hong Kong Monetary Authority released a report on Aug. 25 detailing the findings of its Project Evergreen study, which analyzed the market impact of bond tokenization.
• The HKMA concluded that tokenization provides improvement for the bond market, with potential benefits including paperless transactions and increased liquidity and transparency.
• Going forward, challenges such as legal frameworks, data synchronization and mass adoption need to be considered before tokenization can be widely adopted in the Hong Kong bond market.

Hong Kong Regulator Eyes Tokenization for Bond Market Improvement

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) recently released a report on Project Evergreen, an in-depth study of how bond tokenization could improve the local bond market. Chief Executive Eddie Yue said that while tokenization could bring many benefits such as improved efficiency and liquidity, there are still many challenges that need to be overcome before it can be widely adopted.

Use Cases of Bond Tokenization

The report highlighted several use cases for bond tokenization, from paperless transactions to real-time data synchronization and atomic delivery-versus-payment settlements for transfers. These benefits make it easier for different parties to interact on a common DLT platform while also increasing transparency across the entire system.

Challenges Facing Bond Tokenization Adoption

Despite these advantages, Yue noted some shortcomings found during the experiment that must be addressed before widespread adoption is possible. This includes creating ways to connect different solutions together without fragmentation and fine-tuning existing legal frameworks to accommodate technology adoption.

Hong Kong’s Crypto Activity

The release of this report comes at an interesting time for Hong Kong’s crypto scene; hundreds of firms have reportedly been lining up for a Hong Kong crypto license and it was recently announced that they would collaborate with Saudi Arabia on tokens and payments infrastructure projects.


Overall, this report highlights both the potential benefits of bond tokenization as well as any challenges that must be addressed before it is more widely adopted in the Hong Kong bond market.