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Excellent experience at the Primary school of Istituto Comprensivo Lagaccio during November and December 2018, where pupils and teachers promoted the


Weeenmodels into "Ecopoints"

Weeenmodels project development is still ongoing: "Ecopoints", the specific collection facilities of the genoese historic centre, with


Weeenmodels > Digital Repository

The Digital Repository of the Project Weeenmodels (ACTION D5) is a digital archive wherelearning objectsare collected and preserved or, more generally, data and information, accompanied by descriptions (metadata) in digital format, and directly accessible by users, concerning electrical and electronic waste and related topics. The Digital Repositoryrepresents, to some extent, the electronic equivalent of a specialist library.

In particular, we tried to make available to the user, institutional and not, a heritage of information often not directly available. This is about electronic resources owned of University and databases useful to university research on the topic, bibliographic production handled by experts in the field, such as for example the WEEE Consortiain Italy.

It is possible to consultinformative and scientific articles and, more generally, open accessdocumentation, grey literature on the topic, and material produced on the occasion of scientific seminars, courses, activities of environmental education. Finally, the environmental legislation and regulations are very important and, in particular, the one in continuous evolution, dedicated to electrical and electronic waste.

The Digital Repository offers a reference and interactivevirtualservice: users can consul it in order to receive answers to green reference questions not only bibliographical, but also factual and to receive help and assistance in informationrecovery, with possibility of e-training and on-demand training.