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(GU Serie Generale n.157 del 07-07-2016)

Italian Ministerial Decree 31 May 2016 n.121

It regulates the simplified procedures for free-of-charge collection activities of small electric and electronic equipment waste (up to 25 cm per side), carried out by small and large retailers:

✔ Retailers must collect a WEEE, free of charge, “1 for 1” (old- for-new mechanism) , under the condi­tion that the collected equipment is equivalent and has the same functions of the new equipment;

✔ Retailers must collect “1 for 0”, that is collect WEEE independently from the purchasing of a new EEE by the consumer, under the following conditions:

• It must be a very small WEEE (the longest side must be shorter than 25 cm);

• Only retailers with a sales area above 400 sq. m for the EEE must comply.

Retailers with a sales area below 400 sq. m for EEE can provide, as an optional, “1 for 0” take back free of charge to end users, without there being any obligation on the user to buy a new WEEE.

Italian Legislative Decree 14/3/2014, no.49

It transposes the EU Directive establishing measures and procedures that prevent WEEE production in order to reduce the quantity of WEEE that needs to be disposed of and, from an environmental point of view, to improve the intervention of the subjects that are involved in the lifecycle of this kind of equipment.

DIRECTIVE 2012/19/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL  of 4 July 2012  on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)