Other beach activities

Since the beginning of 2019 volunteering activities on Genoa's beaches involved Amiu and many different local associations. The volunteers


Weeenmodels' warehouse becames part of construction site under the Morandi bridge

The former Weeenmodels' warehouse and the "Fabbrica del Riciclo" area are now part of the construction site under


Weeenmodels > Photogallery

Weeenmodels back to Festa dell'Unità 2017 (See the news/event)

Collecting WEEEN in Genoa (See the news/event)

(See the news/event)

International workshop organized by the Cooperative Cauto (See the news/event)

Presentation of Technical publication in Rome (See the news/event)

Weeenmodels gadget

Monitor visit (See the news/event)

Weeenmodels final conference (See the news/event)

The Weeenmodels project at the Italian Education Show “Salone ABCD Orientamenti” (See the news/event)

"RAEEgioniamo” (Let’s think about WEEEE): a case study on the LIFE Weeenmodels project" (See the news/event)

"Where are WEEE going?" (See the news/event)

Steering Committee in Halle (See the news/event)

WEEE collection through ECORAEE (See the news/event)

Weeenmodels in Expo Fontanabuona (See the news/event)

Living Lab 2016 (See the news/event)

WASTE ELECTRIC AND ELECTRONIC: FROM PROBLEM TO OPPORTUNITY - Seminar in Reggio Emilia (20/4/2016) (See the news/event)

International workshop on industrial waste (See the news/event)

Second networking meeting of LIFE projects which covers WEEE topics (See the news/event)

Actions and behavior to protect the environment - Event at Zanelli Institute of Reggio Emilia

Presentation of e-learning courses - Genoa in November 2015 (See the news/event)

Weeenmodels at Ecomondo 2015

Monitor Visit + Steering Committee October 2015

ECORAEE in action in pilot area (Brin - metrò)

Press conference to present Weeenmodels (See the news/event)

Weeenmodels at Expo Fontanabuona 2015 (See the news/event)

Workshop in Brussels, 18th november 2014

Notice board and the partnership

Networking activity with other Life+ Environment projects - recent experiences in Genoa and Liguria, Smart Week - 20th June 2014

Meetings with students of the

Weeenmodels presentation in Reggio Emilia

Steering Committee 2014_09_18

Living lab, January-September 2014

Expo Fontanabuona Tigullio - Environment day

Smart Week, Genova 2014_06_20

Workshop "Economia circolare"