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Expected results

WEENMODELS project aims to define and implement a new model of WEEE reverse logistics, which will

achieve several goals in the experimentation area:

1) NETWORKING: to enhance the strategic role of retailers and conveyors (also medium and small

ones), through involving in the system the 50% of the actors in pilot area.

2) INCREASING THE COLLECTION OF WEEE AMOUNT: to exceed WEEE collection overall target set by

the new European directive: over 45% by 2016.

3) IMPROVEMENT OF SMALL WEEE COLLECTION: to triple, by 2016, the actual rate of small WEEE

collected per inhabitant.

4) POLLUTION REDUCTION: Minimize the WEEE disposal as usual urban waste will avoid potential

contamination of hazardous substances inside non-dangerous waste and possible leakage of pollutants

into environment; at the moment there is no data concerning this issue, a new measurement methodology will be defined and applied.

5) CONTROL INCREASE: the ability to track the WEEE position during the whole collection process

(customer, retailers, municipal or private platform and consortium treatment centre) allows to avoid

that WEEE could be sent to illegal market: 100% of WEEE collected through the new logistic system

6) SYSTEM EFFICIENCY INCREASE: efficiency improvement of the overall WEEE reverse logistics,

through the optimization of collection transport services, reduction of operational costs and

environmental externalities of transport: 10% reduction in comparison with the actual situation

7) WASTE REDUCTION: to select and address towards reconditioning a significant share of WEEE that

today are disposed as waste: 3% of WEEE amount managed through the new logistic system

8) ECOBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: to create new opportunities for economic activities related to the EEE

reprocessing and reuse

The project will be the occasion to define and test new methodologies for WEEE collection

measurement and for WEEE Life Cycle evaluation, consistent with latest European regulations.