It's International E-waste day 2020!

Only 17.4% of 2019 e-waste was collected and recycled, out of 53.6 million metric tons of waste generated in the world last year. But electronic


AMIU & Don Bosco initiative within International E-Waste Day

Within International E-Waste Day, promoted by WEEE Forum - the world's largest multi national centre of competence as regards operational


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Weeenmodels’ pilot project has started

Since September 21 the pilot iniziative of Weeenmodels Project has been launched in the District of  Valpocevera. The initiative is going to last until next December and then it will be extended (since 2016) all over the city.  The pilot involves two  types of services, one addressed to citizens and the other to retailers:

1)  AMIU has started a new experimental collection service, called  EcoRAEE; this service runs from Monday to Saturday, and it is carried out by vans covering six different places in the area within the Sub-Municipality V Valpolcevera, collecting small WEEs brought by citiziens;   
Collection points covered by  EcoRAEE vans:

Monday, via Bonghi in Bolzaneto (weekly neighbourhood market)
Tuesday, via Brin in  Certosa (bus terminus)
Wednesday, via Certosa in Rivarolo (weekly neighbourhood market)
Thursday, Pallavicini square in Rivarolo (in front of the school)
Friday, Arimondi square in Pontedecimo (weekly neighbourhood market)
Saturday, via Maritano Bolzaneto (in front of the supermarket)

2) for the retailers who sells EEE (Electric and Electronic Equipment) such as household and similar electrical applicances,  hardware, toys, clock dealers and chemists’ shops, the WEEENMODELS project  has set up a web portal to  facilitate regulatory compliance of WEEE collection brought by retailers (see opposite news) In the next week, AMIU, with the support of the local  Trade Assciations, will launch a promotional campaign addressed to the retailers of the Sub-Municipality V Valpolcevera, that may benefit from the advantages brought by the European project. 

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