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Italian Legislative Decree n. 121/2016 on WEEE

On July 22 2016 the Legislative decree n. 121 issued by the Environmental Ministry will  entry into force. The distributors with sales areas relating to EEE of at least  400 m2 should take back WEEE,  free of charge, from the consumers who are not obliged to buy a new one.  The procedure called “1 against 0”  applies to those retailers with sales areas relating to EEE of at least 400m2 and beyond, while small retailers and distributors who sell on line are not obliged. 
The Decree simplifies the legislative framework and the  administrative procedures for small WEEE collection; it won’t be anymore necessary to ask for and register the data of the consumers who confer the WEEE, saving a considerable amount of time. 
This represent a major milestone  for increasing the WEEE collection, in particular small WEEE such as smartphone, tablet, small electronic toys , chargers, electric toothbrush and razors, that are constantly increasing due to rapid technological change. These items, that have not been used in a long time, may contribute effectively to reach the EU target   imposed by the European Community: 45% collection target based on the  EEE put on the market (POM) by 2016 and 65% by 2019. 


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