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II EWaste Day in Genoa!

Within H2020 FORCE Project, a Circular Economy project on PLASTIC, WEEE, ORGANIC, WOOD AND WOOD WASTE (www.ce-force), INVOLVING THE CITIES OF


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The Weeenmodels project at the Italian Education Show Salone ABCD Orientamenti

From November 14 to 16 at Magazzini del Cotone in Genoa Old Port during “Salone ABCD Orientamenti” Genoa Municipality together with AMIU have promoted a competition “Help your school class to win a prize: bring and deliver a WEEE”. Three prizes (tokens for buying books and multimedia) has been drawn by a lot; the winners won 1.000 euros (granted to San Francesco da Paola School) , 800 euros (granted to  Liceo Statale Martin Luther King High School) and 700 euros (granted to Centro di Formazione Professionale Salesiano – Salesian Vocational and Training Centre).

During the “Salone ABCD Orientamenti” the ECORAEE van collected 355 kg of small WEEE.

Furthermore questionnaires have been distributed in order to promote the awareness on the proper disposal of WEEE and possible re-use, the services provided by AMIU to improve the waste collection, in  particular WEEE collection. The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia lecturers have presented the e-learning courses, too.


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