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The school is almost over, but Amiu Genova and WeeenModels project never stop! During environmental education day for "Differenziata 10 e


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Project TecnoRiciclo Amiu/IIT

Tecno Riciclo is an Amiu SmartLab and Italian Institute for Technology (IIT) project to improve separate collection in IIT offices of Morego (Genova Bolzaneto).

After a year of project, separate waste collection increased of 35% - from 40% to 75%.

Results obtained with some logistical solutions, distribution of new containers and a specific enviromental campaign for all employees and researchers.

Even collection of small WEEE, introduced within after life activities of Weeenmodels Life + project, has contributed to improve the environmental sustainability of the structure, that obtained ISO 14001 certification: its the unique italian research institute to receive it.

Other interesting elements are the bioplastics obtained from food waste, such as orange peels and tomatoes, coffee and artichokes in IIT Smart materials Lab that open new uses of these materials.

More info watching the video.

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