AMIU & Don Bosco initiative within International E-Waste Day

Within International E-Waste Day, promoted by WEEE Forum - the world's largest multi national centre of competence as regards operational


II EWaste Day in Genoa!

Within H2020 FORCE Project, a Circular Economy project on PLASTIC, WEEE, ORGANIC, WOOD AND WOOD WASTE (www.ce-force), INVOLVING THE CITIES OF


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Project Force is now on line.

The web site of the european project Force,, is now on line.

FORCE, within the Horizon 2020 program, involves 22 European partners coordinated by the Municipality of Copenhagen and in Genoa the local partnership includes Amiu, the Municipality of Genoa, Ticass, Active Cells and Ecolegno.

The others cities involved, beyond Genoa and Copenhagen, are Hamburg and Lisbon.

The European project focuses on circular economy through the analysis of 4 waste and materials streams: wood, plastic, food and WEEE.

Each city will focus on a specific material (Genoa-wood; Copenhagen-plastic; Lisbon-food; Hamburg-weee) and will develop a pilot on other cities' stream.

Genoa will promote repair café to prevent EEE to become WEEE fostering best practices and communication campaigns developed during Weeenmodels project and still fostered through Weeenmodels' afterlife plan.

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