New WeeenModels Points in Genoa

The school is almost over, but Amiu Genova and WeeenModels project never stop! During environmental education day for "Differenziata 10 e


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New WeeenModels Point

Excellent experience at the Primary school of Istituto Comprensivo Lagaccio during November and December 2018, where pupils and teachers promoted the separate collection of small WEEE. To introduce the activity, meetings with teachers and Layman's Report distribution was organised to inform about all the activities carried out by the Municipality of Genoa and its Weeenmodels partners, including Amiu Genova.

During the collection time of the #SERR 2018 - European Waste Reduction Week - school children's families reached about fifty kilos of small electrical and electronic waste in the three school venues of via Centurione, via Naples and via Maculano. At the end of the WEEEnmodels activities period it was decided to leave a collection point in the school of via Centurione. Excellent work, that will continue in the next years!

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