AMIU & Don Bosco initiative within International E-Waste Day

Within International E-Waste Day, promoted by WEEE Forum - the world's largest multi national centre of competence as regards operational


II EWaste Day in Genoa!

Within H2020 FORCE Project, a Circular Economy project on PLASTIC, WEEE, ORGANIC, WOOD AND WOOD WASTE (www.ce-force), INVOLVING THE CITIES OF


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New videos for retailers

A journey dedicated to inform small and big retailers, especially the small ones, transporters and collection centers about all necessary steps to register to WeeenModels platform.

New videos showing management of electric and electronic waste in Genoa described both by Amiu and the Municipality of Genoa.

The videos are integrated with some tutorials teaching how to use WeeenModels platform.

Video  Albo Gestori rifiuti

Video Amiu Environmental Office

Video Interview to Matteo Campora, councilor for the Environment Municipality of Genoa

Video tutorial WeeenModels platform (part one)

Video tutorial WeeenModels platform (part two)

Video tutorial WeeenModels platform (part three)


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