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New 'green' collection points and more services

New 'green' collection points and more services are starting from July with the increase of Ecovan/EcoRAEE points in Genoa.

With the new project "EcoVan +" citizens could deliver small WEEE, furniture and dangerous waste (for example: painting cans, car battery, etc etc). The initiative was presented on June 28th at Palazzo Tursi, by Amiu general director, Tiziana Merlino and the city councilor, Matteo Campora.

EcoVan/EcoRAEE service is free and now, to reward people using the service, there will be 'gifts' related to cultural or public services: by registering through the health card or entering data of the citizen using the service, a gift will be given as a reward.

The collection points now are: 24 fixed positions per week and 12 twice a month. That is 30 collection points per week.

Timetables are: morning from 7.30 to 11 and afternoon from 2.30 pm to 5.30pm; both every day from Monday to Saturday (saturday included).

Click here to learn more about the new EcoVan/EcoRAEE

What you can use the service for? Click here


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