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Meeting at the Italian Environment Ministry

The results of LIFE Weeenmodels project has been presented in Rome last April 23 at the Italian Environment Ministry in the framework of the meeting with the Hungarian delegation working in the project “LIFE CAP HUN - LIFE Capacity Building in Hungary” (LIFE14 CAP/HU/000010).


The Capacity Building  projects, in accordance with article 18 of LIFE Provisions, like the project above mentioned, provide a support to strengthening the capacity of some EU members State and the related National LIFE Contact Points, in order  to participate  more effectively to the LIFE Programme, through exchanges of experiences with those countries, such as Italy, that are considered one of the best countries in the context of LIFE.


The meeting took place in Rome and was attended by other LIFE projects that Weeenmodels collaborated with, such as  PHOTOLIFE – “Process and automated pilot plant for simultaneous and integral recycling of different kinds of photovoltaic panels”  (LIFE13 ENV/IT/001033) focused on the management of a great amount of end-of-life photovoltaic panel (PVP).


This was an useful opportunity to discuss the strengths and weaknesses addressed and resolved by the Italian LIFE projects.

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