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WEEE collection continues to grow

The RAEE 2017 Report of the National Coordination Center for the Collection of WEEE (CDC RAEE) was presented in Milan.

The data confirm a growing trend of WEEE collection, in particular per capita collection has reached 4.89% in Italy and in Liguria 5.91%.

Genoa is the Ligurian province with the highest collection percentage (5.96%) and AMIU is the first subscriber for the quantity of WEEE delivered to the consortium.

It’s a very positive result that collection in Liguria has increased further than last year by 2.97% and that small WEEE maintain a growing trend: Weeenmodels project continues to bear fruit.

Fabrizio Longoni, CDC RAEE General Manager, during the presentation of the 2017WEEE Report, cited Liguria region as a positive case comparing  number of collection centers per inhabitant and per capita collection results achieved.

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