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Since the beginning of 2019 volunteering activities on Genoa's beaches involved Amiu and many different local associations. The volunteers


Weeenmodels' warehouse becames part of construction site under the Morandi bridge

The former Weeenmodels' warehouse and the "Fabbrica del Riciclo" area are now part of the construction site under


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WEEE collection continues to grow

The RAEE 2017 Report of the National Coordination Center for the Collection of WEEE (CDC RAEE) was presented in Milan.

The data confirm a growing trend of WEEE collection, in particular per capita collection has reached 4.89% in Italy and in Liguria 5.91%.

Genoa is the Ligurian province with the highest collection percentage (5.96%) and AMIU is the first subscriber for the quantity of WEEE delivered to the consortium.

It’s a very positive result that collection in Liguria has increased further than last year by 2.97% and that small WEEE maintain a growing trend: Weeenmodels project continues to bear fruit.

Fabrizio Longoni, CDC RAEE General Manager, during the presentation of the 2017WEEE Report, cited Liguria region as a positive case comparing  number of collection centers per inhabitant and per capita collection results achieved.

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