Weeenmodels' warehouse becames part of construction site under the Morandi bridge

The former Weeenmodels' warehouse and the "Fabbrica del Riciclo" area are now part of the construction site under


New WeeenModels Point

Excellent experience at the Primary school of Istituto Comprensivo Lagaccio during November and December 2018, where pupils and teachers promoted the


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Import news for WEEEN

It is called "open scope" and it's part of  LEGISLATIVE DECREE n. 49 (14 March 2014) implementing EU Directive 2012/19 on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Thanks to open scope, it's possible to extend the definition of Electrical and Electronic Devices to a series of other products not previously foreseen, which will considerably increasing electronic waste collection.

In particular, the open scope will allow to dispose of - together with large and small appliances, consumer electronics, light sources, screens, etc.- also: fuses, USB sticks, Plugs/sockets/Adapters, Cables and extensions, Electric Bikes, Pellet Stoves, Terminal blocks  and more. 

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