It's International E-waste day 2020!

Only 17.4% of 2019 e-waste was collected and recycled, out of 53.6 million metric tons of waste generated in the world last year. But electronic


AMIU & Don Bosco initiative within International E-Waste Day

Within International E-Waste Day, promoted by WEEE Forum - the world's largest multi national centre of competence as regards operational


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Amiu was present in Treviso during international conference dedicated to the collection of waste promoted by Contarina

Amiu Genova participated the 21st and 22nd march 2018 in the first meeting of the European project "Collectors", hosted in Treviso and financed by the EU, with experts from Holland, Belgium, Finland and Germany and waste companies from Oslo, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Porto, Antwerp, Catalonia and Ireland.

The European project focuses on good practices for the collection and sorting of three product categories: paper, electrical and electronic equipment, construction and demolition waste.

During these two days of workshops, presentations, conferences and visits to the recycling plant of Contarina Amiu Genoa was also represented by the WeeenModels project on small WEEE.

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