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AMIU & Don Bosco initiative within International E-Waste Day

Within International E-Waste Day, promoted by WEEE Forum - the world's largest multi national centre of competence as regards operational know-how concerning the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE, for short), which is a not-for-profit association of 36 WEEE producer responsibility organisations in Europe and globally founded in 2002 - AMIU Genova SpA (local waste management company in the city of Genova - ITALY) together with Opera Don Bosco have organised a communication activity involving Don Bosco students of the Electronic and Electricity courses.

Students already skilled in Repair Café activity, which have been performed within FORCE Project -  an H2020 EU financed Project on Circular Economy on PLASTIC, WEEE, ORGANIC, WOOD AND WOOD WASTE (www.ce-force) involving the cities of Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lisbon and Genova  -shared their experience with students of first two year courses.

Over 200 students took part to the activity, deepening their knowledge on EEE and WEEE, learning how to recognize an EEE/WEEE, prevent waste and how to dispose of WEEE at civic amenities and mobile or school collection points.

AMIU General Manager, Tiziana Merlino together with Don Maurizio of Opera Don Bosco Foundation, welcomed the students and then left the floor to the students performing a Repair Café with two volunteering citizens of Sampierdarena neighbourhood. They learnt how to change a socket, how to fix a pc and other “easy to do” interventions on small electric and electronic appliances.

Students of the Repair Café group showed as well the short video they produced (with Italian and English subtitles) on how to change a socket and how to fix a small mixer. 

AMIU and Opera Don Bosco are working together on EEE and WEEE since 2013, within Weeenmodels Life + project (September 2013 – December 2016) and H2020 FORCE Project (Semptember 2016 – August 2020). All Don Bosco students and their families are involved, as well as the Sub Municipality and students of the whole City have been involved to almost all activities performed by now.

Liguria Region in 2018 was the region with the highest % growth of WEEE collection (+ 11,49 %). In particular, the province of Genoa collected more than half of the total WEEE collected in the region. All the other provinces achieved positive results, with the exception of Savona, all the provinces in the region have a per capita collection higher than Northern Italy and Italy as a whole: La Spezia 6.59, Genova 6.69 and Imperia 7.06 (CDC RAEE Annual Report 2018).

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