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The school is almost over, but Amiu Genova and WeeenModels project never stop! During environmental education day for "Differenziata 10 e


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The Weeenmodels communication plan has the task of developing guidelines in order to communicate to different targets the various phases of the project, its objectives, achievements and to promote the culture of WEEE collection among population, stakeholders and project partners.
Depending on the type of target, different communication tools are used, from press conferences to events, moments of game and dissemination. The awareness of the involved categories is the basis of the communication plan.
Before the creation of any products a coordinated image of the project was created: logo design, graphics and templates. The specific objective is to identify the project in a clear, immediate and highly communicative way.

Weeenmodels communication plan with annexes
Weeenmodels - Piano di Comunicazione Weeenmodels con allegati.pdf
Weeenmodels communication plan - english version
Weeenmodels - Communication plan eng.pdf
Percentage of application of the Communication Plan
Weeenmodels - percentuali di applicazione PdC.pdf
Weeenmodels - Logo
Weeenmodels - Logo.jpg