AMIU & Don Bosco initiative within International E-Waste Day

Within International E-Waste Day, promoted by WEEE Forum - the world's largest multi national centre of competence as regards operational


II EWaste Day in Genoa!

Within H2020 FORCE Project, a Circular Economy project on PLASTIC, WEEE, ORGANIC, WOOD AND WOOD WASTE (www.ce-force), INVOLVING THE CITIES OF


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In order to disseminate the project results and to communicate the existence and purposes of the project, 4 different types of brochures that address different target have been implemented and disseminated. The first is a general descriptive brochure of the project and it was made in two versions, Italian - English and English - German, given the presence of ISW partner. 
The second brochure is addressed to an audience of students and contains, in addition to a project description, a definition of what are WEEEs and how to properly manage them. This brochure contains also a reference to e-learning courses organized by UNIMORE. 
The third brochure, released during "Ecomondo" fair, addresses a technical audience and illustrates in detail the working principles of the "WEEE collection web system", a web platform prepared by TBridge partner and directed to all subjects involved in the logistics chain of WEEE.
The fourth brochure is addressed to children aged between 6 and 11 years old in order to raise their awareness to environmental issues related to the field of WEEE. The brochure is structured like a board game so that children can learn while having fun.
Furthermore, different types of information panels have been created: a roll-up with a general description of the project (one for each partner); two panels for the collection center of AMIU; two information panels used to present the project during the "Environment Day", one of the events organized.
In addition, in order to consolidate the networking activities, it was made a specific brochure in English, a leaflet presented during the exhibition "Il riciclo è un’arte (Recycling is an art)", curated by Amiu and a flyer presenting the project during the Ecomondo 2015 event, have been created.

Weeenmodels - informations panel for Amiu collection center 1
Weeenmodels - informations panel for Amiu collection center 1.pdf
Weeenmodels - informations panel for Amiu collection center 2
Weeenmodels - informations panel for Amiu collection center 2.pdf
Weeenmodels - Networking brochure
Weeenmodels - Networking brochure.pdf
Weeenmodels - Notice Board GERM-ENG
Weeenmodels - Notice Board GERM-ENG.pdf
Weeenmodels - Notice Board ITA-ENG
Weeenmodels - Notice Board ITA-ENG.pdf
Weeenmodels - Informations panel 1
Weeenmodels - Informations panel 1.png
Weeenmodels - Informations panel 2
Weeenmodels - Informations panel 2.png
Weeenmodels - first brochure ITA-ENG
Weeenmodels - first brochure ITA-ENG.pdf
Weeenmodels - first brochure GERM-ENG
Weeenmodels - first brochure GERM-ENG.pdf
Weeenmodels - second brochure
Weeenmodels - second brochure.pdf
Weeenmodels - third brochure
Weeenmodels - third brochure.pdf
Weeenmodels - fourth brochure
Weeenmodels - fourth brochure.pdf
Weeenmodels - brochure -il riciclo è un arte-
Weeenmodels - brochure -il riciclo è un arte-.pdf
Weeenmodels - flyer for Ecomondo
Weeenmodels flyer for Ecomondo.png